Change is constant

Hengistbury Head

A move to the seaside & COVID-19

When I set up Lose Your Bottle my aim was to start small. Brilliant people supported me to get the first version of this idea published and the plan was to work with water sports clubs along the non-tidal Thames to take small steps in reducing the use of single use plastics. First the floods happened with record levels of water swelling the Thames and then there was the dramatic arrival of COVID-19.

Our journey through COVID-19 so far has been a roller coaster and it’s looking far from over. It has placed a magnifying glass over our social hierarchy. Our society is not doing a great job of protecting people or the planet. We need to fight harder than ever for racial justice, environmental justice and social justice. I plan on writing more on this in the future.

I am now based in Bournemouth and have widened my scope. My next step is to reach out to water-lovers across the country and ask them to sign up to the plastic pledge and hopefully create the ripple effect. In addition, I will start to build up a page of resources looking to build a toolkit for action and our understanding of intersectional environmentalism. Please let me know if you have any ideas or want a chat about this.

Curiosity and empathy will take us forward.

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