Take the ‘Plastic Pledge’

We will:

  • Nominate a Lose Your Bottle Ambassador
  • Undertake a single use plastic audit of our premises & processes:
    • Areas where you store, prepare and serve food and beverages
    • Shower & changing facilities
    • Sale & use of merchandise
    • Purchase of equipment
  • Seek out alternative solutions for all areas of single plastic use
  • Promote the use of reusable drinks bottles and provide water refilling stations
  • Encourage all visitors & members to reduce their single use plastic use
  • Recycle when unable to reduce, reuse or repair
  • Host regular local beach, river or street clean ups
  • Share our action across social media #LoseYourBottle #MyPlasticPledge

Are you signing up to the Plastic Pledge?

Are you happy for Lose Your Bottle to contact you by email?

Are you happy to be added to the Lose Your Bottle Ambassador map?

I just signed the Lose Your Bottle #MyPlasticPledge act now & protect our future #saveourseas #saveourrivers #saveourplanet https://loseyourbottlecouk.wordpress.com/plastic-pledge/

3 thoughts on “Take the ‘Plastic Pledge’

  1. Well done Lynne, great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Joce, really appreciate you sharing the pledge & the page : )


  2. Well done Lynne, thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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